The benefits of using ERP in Higher education.

Smooth deliverance of knowledge is the most crucial function of an Academic Institute because it forms the nucleus of a school or college. Many software companies have come up with ERP solutions that are designed to integrate all parts of an educational institution into one broad and manageable platform. 

A system that aims to run on a customizable software system yields many benefits for the management and administrators alike. Most ERP solutions are incredibly smart with adaptability feature for most educational institution types.

The following are Using ERP in Higher Education as a Campus Management Software:

1-Automate Registration and Admission.

2-Library Management system.

3- Manage Student Information proficiently.

4- Manage Classes, Subjects according to requirements.

5- Automated Time Table Generation with some options.

6-Transport Maintenance Management.

7- Trace Students and Staff Attendance.

8- Staff Salary Generation and Expenses Management.

9-Automated Examination Management System.

10- Maintain Grades, Create Grade Book.

11- Analyze the Performance of a class.

12- Manage Hostel Boarding and Lodging.

13-Manage your Security.

14- Countless MIS Reports Generation.

With ERP software, every college and university can aim to be transparent to various parties that are genuinely interested in the running of the institution. The list includes names like audit authorities, the board of directors, trustees, college unions, student groups and many others. The data, which will be generated by the well-designed software, will be more accurate than data that are processed manually. This will also help the management stay regular with their updates and maintain a system that is worth evaluation and appraisal.

Class scheduling and management need accuracy and a significant amount of management on the part of an academic coordinator. A well-developed educational ERP assist the administrator and principal in keeping a track of the class and subject allocated to the teachers. 

It makes it easy for them to assign the subjects, once the class scheduling is done perfectly. Academic advantages of Learning management software is not only limited to the teachers, but every person handling the scholastic functions right from the principal to faculty coordinators can also reap the benefits from it.

Most colleges, which have ERP solutions installed and implemented at all levels, witness better relations with students. The management can install a virtual mobile platform, which will act as a base for interaction between students and the college. Students can have live access to the college campus to get information about admissions, fee payments, examinations and many such essential data. 

Certain advanced ERP software systems allow the management to set up a secure payment gateway for accepting fees and donations from students and sources respectively.

The need for systematization cannot be denied at any level. Every college management system must comply with the needs of modernization and upkeep that determines the success of an educational institution. Some colleges are already using such a system, while others are on the way of implementation. Most of these software systems are affordable and worth of one-time bulk investment.


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